Added on 22nd January 2018 in Snippet
When backing up or transferring directories between computers its best to do so by compressing them in an archive to reduce space / bandwidth.
Added on 04th January 2018 in Tutorial
Procedure snippet for connecting to a database through an SSH Tunnel. Used for local development requiring live data.
Added on 13th November 2017 in General
I have had linux as my primary OS for about a decade now, and primarily use Ubuntu. But with the latest release I have decided to migrate back to an OS I generally dislike, Windows 10.
Added on 26th October 2017 in General
Ubuntu comes with a program called Apport, which is designed to inform the user where the system has detected a problem, or if a program has crashed. Although it is a well intended program, it gets in the way and is rather annoying, especially when it does not give you much information about the problem, or the problem which triggered it is of no real concern.
Added on 16th October 2017 in General
Over the years I have found my way around many minor hurdles when using Ubuntu, the most recent being Using the **DELL ULTRAHD 4K USB 3.0 DOCKING STATION (D3100)**.
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Hi there, I am christopher shaw, a software developer form South Yorkshire, England.

I love tinkering with all things tech, and opened this website as a web presence for myself and a place to keep my notes and snippets. Hopefully you will find something here to help

Christopher Shaw