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Webpi Rpi Web Ui Update
Added on 22nd May 2018 in Project

Going forward basic functionality with the FileSystem will be handled within a new Entity class, which will contain basic create, update, search and delete features which will be extended by other class, this currently includes the User Class, responsible for all Accounts and Authentication.


git checkout master
git pull
composer update

Upgrade to Release

If you want to stay with the current release only, then checkout the release.

git checkout 1.0.2
composer update

Fresh Install

git clone [email protected]:christopher-paul-shaw/WebPi.git && cd WebPi
composer install



URL: https://demo.webpi.chris-shaw.com/ Email: [email protected] Password: password

Hi there, I am christopher shaw, a software developer form South Yorkshire, England.

I love tinkering with all things tech, and opened this website as a web presence for myself and a place to keep my notes and snippets. Hopefully you will find something here to help

Christopher Shaw