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Webpi Modular Directory
Added on 24th April 2018 in Project

As part of some smaller changes on the WebPi, I am looking at making it easier to drop some files into the codebase and for the rest of the system to atleast acknowledge them.

The changes in this update, currently in the master branch are as follow:

  • A new Directory Called Tools has been added, this is where the html and php front end files will be located.
  • A new Tools Menu has been added to the header that is automatically populated
  • A new Tools class which acknowledges the new files and will be expanded to interact more with them
  • Todays Speed Logs has been moved to example.com/tools/speed

As always, check out the website https://webpi.chris-shaw.com and the git repository https://github.com/christopher-paul-shaw/WebPi

Hi there, I am christopher shaw, a software developer form South Yorkshire, England.

I love tinkering with all things tech, and opened this website as a web presence for myself and a place to keep my notes and snippets. Hopefully you will find something here to help

Christopher Shaw