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Throw Away Local Commits Using Git
Added on 24th March 2018 in Tutorial

There are many ways to do this task, this article like most of the git related ones on this blog are notes for reference. This was created when I got stuck with a commit which would not go away.

1) Git Reset

One way is to just reset the local repository to match the version in the remote repository. I tend to go for this one but occasonally forget the syntax.

git reset --hard origin/<branch>


git reset --hard origin/master

2) Git Reset Commit

Similar to the above, we can set the commit we actually want to revert back to.

git reset --hard <commit hash>

3) Delete Branch

One of the easiest though and often overlooked it so just delete the branch and checkout a fresh verson.

git branch -D mybranch
git checkout -b origin/mybranch

Now there are other methods out there, the above are just my preferred.

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