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Introducing The Input Class
Added on 04th February 2019 in Project

Introducing the Input class, an Object Oriented approach to Securing Input in php.

The problem with how PHP handles input, its that it puts the data in globally accessible arrays, including $_POST and $_GET. Not only does our code have access to everything in these arrays, so does any third party code you include.


This class blanks out the Super Globals $_POST and $_GET and stores their contents within the class. Allowing better control over the input and what code can access it.

Basic Usage

$input = new Input();
echo $input->get('id');
echo $input->post('id');

Default Parameters

Default Parameters can be passed as the second option

$input->get('test','default value here');


Strips Tags by default, can be disabled by passing false as third option.



As features are added, there will be new tests to prove they work as intended. You can run the tests yourself using the following command.

vendor/bin/phpunit test


composer require christopher-paul-shaw/input


Hi there, I am christopher shaw, a software developer form South Yorkshire, England.

I love tinkering with all things tech, and opened this website as a web presence for myself and a place to keep my notes and snippets. Hopefully you will find something here to help

Christopher Shaw