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Disable Error Reporting In Ubuntu
Added on 26th October 2017 in General

Error Reporting Photo

Be warned, Error Reporting is there to inform you when something is wrong, only continue if you accept any risk of doing so

16.04 and Above

systemd ignores the Apport Config file, so we need to manage it with systemd.


sudo systemctl disable apport.service
systemctl mask apport.service

Re Enable

systemctl unmask apport.service
sudo systemctl enable apport.service

Previous Ubuntu Versions

Prior to to the introduction if systemd, we can enable / disable apport using its Config File.

sudo nano /etc/default/apport/

Then we need to change the enabled flag





Removing Apport

You also now have the option to Remove the Apport Program.


sudo apt purge apport


sudo apt install apport

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