Christopher Shaw
Christopher Shaw


I am Christopher Shaw, a passionate Web Developer from Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Having been interested in all things tech since childhood, I have always been the sort to pick up something new, have a tinker and see how it works.
This led me into the field of Web Applications, specifically ones built around PHP and MySQL which resulted in many projects over the years which ended up sold on or discarded as deprecated stepping stones.

Although I have been making php and web applications for well over a decade, I have been a software developer in an official capacity since 2014 where I applied my knowledge to the needs of the country's leading finance broker where I have been part in designing, building and deploying some of the companies most advanced and crucial systems.

Outside of work I am family first but also enjoy;
- Programming
- Blogging
- Movies / Film
- Cooking
- Memes

"Father, Programmer and Resident Meme Addict!"

Feel free to drop me a message using the form to the left, I will try to reply in a timely manner.