Christopher Shaw

Software Developer


I have been coding for the majority of my adult life, and have experienced doing so in varied enviroments and to very different goals.

It started out in my childhood, I had always been facinated by technology and learning how it all worked, and by my teenage years I was managing servers and custom programing a veriety of web based systems, from blogs and forums, to online games. This facination became a hobby then a passion, and has moulded my career as a Web Application Developer.

Currently I work for a Leading Motor Finance broker working on projects ranging from internal management systems to front end competative services.



Design, Build, Testing, Documentation, Implementation, Support, Debug, Modification


Linux, Backups, Automation, Virtualisation, GIT


PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bash



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Booting Raspberry Pi From Usb

Boot Raspberry Pi from USB

The standard way of using a Raspberry Pi is to run the OS from a micro sd card. The problem with this is that the SD Card has limited read and writes, which will cause the SD to fail in a short period of time, especially if you write to files frequently.